Candle Boxx
Candle Boxx in Strict Bondage by Ted Michaels Candle Boxx in Strict Bondage by Ted Michaels Candle Boxx in Strict Bondage by Ted Michaels Candle Boxx in Strict Bondage by Ted Michaels

The above is a web-friendly preview. The actual clip was shot at 1080i HDV and publishlished at 960x540 pixels with a bit rare 5000Kbps or higher. A full resolution preview is available through the link below.

Hogtie from Hell
Taken Down and Tied Tight

Candle Boxx is carried in over a shoulder kicking and struggling. She protests and resists with all her might as she wrestles with her captor until she becomes more and more exhausted. In the process her shirt is viciously torn open and removed as well as her skirt. S is forcibly ballgagged and sat upon as her ankles are tied. She is straddled from behind as her wrists are bound tighlty before being stood up. A firm hand on her neck and a beet red face convey the message to stay still. She still tries to hop away a couple times which results in the ropes going on even tighter. As her captor films everything she is layered in hundreds of feet of thin, biting cord. Her knees above and blow, her elbows, her chest and her crotch are pinched, pinned and invaded by rope. Her arms are crushed to her body at the waist and chest. Her elbows are welded. Her tits redden from the tightness of the ropes and her arms discolor from the strict restraint. She is groped and then gagged with black gauze stretched tigthly around her face. Left to struggle she begins to choke on her own drool. There is panic in her eyes as she rubs the gauze against the stained carpet. Drools pours from her mouth as she works the gag lower and lower until it is around her neck. Big mistake! Pulled so tightly it now squeezes her neck like a vice. Her face reddens, her eyes bulge and she gasps for air. She struggles like hell for minute after agonizing minute. She rolls and twists unable to escape and barely able to breath. The gauze is choking her but her only choice is to struggle. Her saliva soaked face is red and panicked. She'll never free herself, and she doesn't know when her captor will return to remove the gauze!

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